Watch Skyscraper Live with NikWallenda on Discovery

Skyscraper with Nik Wallenda at Chicago is live on November 2rd Sunday 2014 on Discovery Channel . So the Fans who are Waiting for the Nikwallenda Live Skyscraper Performance  you can it on Free with out Stream on Discovery channel and also in Internet and YouTube .Nik Wallenda is known as "The King of the High Wire." He is the seventh generation of the legendary Great Wallendas and began walking the wire at age 4. He and his family have performed some of the most famous stunts in the world, but no one else has ever dared to take on the Grand Canyon.
Skyscraper Live with Nik Nik Wallenda

So all the Fans of Nik Wallenda are Waiting to watch the Live Performance of NikWallenda on November 2nd Sunday Here is an Good For you . Fans and Audience Those who are Missing to his Real Live performance at Chicago you can watch it with Live Performance on Online Discovery Channel and Also you watch it on Discovery Tv Channel
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IPhone 6 All Time 10 Tips To Improve the Security of your IPhone

How many secrets do you think your iPhone could reveal to strangers? Even if it is in your hands, placed on the table or being charged from a laptop, it could be some personal correspondence or photos, or even banking information and other identifiers. How to protect yourself? It's very simple, follow our advice to maximize the security of your iPhone.
Keep in mind that if you do everything mentioned here, your iPhone will be deprived of some of its most useful features, however, it will better protect your private data. You do not need to follow our advice, so do not hesitate to choose what you're willing to sacrifice for the sake of your safety - it's up to you.
Ipone 6 Security Tips

1. Use a strong password instead of a 4-digit code

The easiest and most effective way to protect your data is to use a strong password instead of a 4 digit code to unlock your iPhone. It is best to use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. It's even better if the password is required immediately after the lock screen without any delay. As an additional option, you can also activate the "delete data" so that the device deletes all your memory after 10 failed attempts to enter the password function. But keep in mind that all data will be erased forever and you can not get them back, so it's best not to forget your password.

How does it help you? This will reduce the chances that a criminal guess your password.

Which enable these features? Go to "Settings" -> "code" -> "Require Passcode: immediate," "simple code: disabled."
Use a strong password instead of a 4-digit code and get rid of notifications on the lock screen.

2. Turn off the notifications on the lock screen

Any password, even the strongest will not prevent your data from being leaked on they appear on your lock screen. Messages, emails and other information about your applications may contain sensitive data such as codes confirmation of personal appointments, financial data, etc. IPhone displays less information on the lock screen, your data will be more secure.

How does it help you? This will prevent strangers from seeing your information on your lock screen.

Which enable these features? Go to "Settings" -> "Code" -> "Allow access in locked mode."

3. Enable two-factor authentication for Apple ID and iCloud

A password is good, two is even better. That is why we highly recommend you to enable two-factor authentication as soon as possible for Apple ID and iCloud. When you enable two-factor authentication, you save one or more reliable devices (devices you control) that may receive codes 4 digit verification either by SMS or via the Find My iPhone service. Then, each time you log in to manage your Apple ID, use iCloud, or make a purchase on iTunes, iBooks and the App store for a new device, you will need to verify your identity as well entering your password that a verification code to 4 digits.

How does it help you? This will prevent your Apple account to be used by someone who does not have permission.

Which enable these features? Visit -> "Manage Your Apple" -> "Password and security" -> "Two-factor authentication."

4. Disable Siri on the lock screen

Siri is a feature of the iPhone, but very friendly staff assistant could reveal information that you would prefer to keep confidential. It is not necessary to disable it completely, but you will be much safer if you prevent it from activating from the lock screen or from the voice command "Hey Siri". Remember, Siri can communicate with anyone, not just the owner of the device on which it is installed.

How does it help you? This will prevent strangers can extract data from your smartphone using Siri.

Which enable these features? Go to "Settings" -> "code" -> "Siri: Disable" and "Settings" -> "General" -> "Allow" Hey Siri "."
In your cloud settings, you can turn off automatic synchronization of any data type.

5. Disable automatic syncing with iCloud

Simple Iphone Tips
As you know, many photos originally stored on Apple's iCloud servers, which made many crazy celebrities. They thought delete a photo on their phone solve the problem, but this is not the case: after synchronizing to the "cloud", the data remains there even if you get rid locally. In fact, it happens with any type of data on your iPhone: messages, notes, contacts, documents - everything syncs automatically unless you disable it. And that's what we recommend you do, especially if you only have a few Apple devices and you do not need to synchronize daily.

How does it help you? This reduces the risk of compromising your data on iCloud servers or if you lose one of your Apple devices.

Which enable these features? Go to "Settings" -> "iCloud".

6. Turn off automatic Wi-Fi connections to known networks

IPhones have a handy feature that allows you to automatically connect to known Wi-Fi hotspots without your permission. On one hand, it is a very useful option because you will not need to do anything to get your local mobile Internet Wi-Fi. But on the other hand, there is a good chance that a cybercriminal establish his fake WI-Fi network with the same name as a WI-Fi public wireless network of trust, thus disclosing all your information to the hacker. That is why we recommend you to pay attention to the Wi-Fi network that you connect or disable this option.

How does it help you? This will reduce the risk of connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Which enable these features? Go to "Settings" -> "Wi-Fi" -> "Request permission to join a network enabled"

7. Get used to using VPN

We often talk about VPN on this blog. A virtual private network is an indispensable tool that will provide additional security for iPhone users on different wireless networks, including unknown networks. Some VPN services are free, some are not, but a few euros per week is nothing when it comes to protecting your data.

How does it help you? This allows you to encrypt all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, making it impossible to intercept and analysis.

Which enable these features? Go to "Settings" -> "General" -> "VPN" -> "Add VPN Configuration...".

PS: All the information you need to return will be provided by your VPN provider.

8. Turn off your browser's cookies

Cookies are small files that almost all Web sites generate and leave your device. They can contain information about you, your computer or smartphone as well as your preferences. They help the websites to let you online, or display content that may interest you, including advertisements. But in some cases they can be very useful to criminals because they may contain credentials and other sensitive data. To be honest, you can disable cookies will be more stress than relief, but it will help your data more secure. Moreover, being a little embarrassed is not the most important thing you have to pay to protect your data prices.

How does it help you? This will reduce the risk of unauthorized use of your password and some other private information stored in cookies use.

Which enable these features? Safari: Go to "Settings" -> "Safari" -> in the "Privacy and Security" -> "Do not follow: On", "Block cookies: always block" for other browsers search Similar parameters.

9. Turn off autofill in your browser

Easy I Phone TipsIt is the same for the auto fill if someone accesses your iPhone, there is a good chance that person can connect on many sites. And you do not want that to happen, right? Then disable it! Again, this is not very practical, but it's worth it.

How does it help you? This will prevent individuals connect to some websites with your password when your iPhone is stolen or loaned to someone.

Which enable these features? Safari: Go to "Settings" -> "Safari" -> in the "General" section -> "Passwords and remp. Auto. "For other browsers: Looking for similar settings.

10. Do not allow applications to access your contacts, photos, messages and other private data

This board is pretty extreme, but if you have followed all the advice we have given much follow that too. 8 In iOS, there are a large number of features and data that any application can access: GPS, contacts, through the messages. For example, if you install a third party keyboard, you have to give him access to everything you type so you can use it. If that sounds pretty risky, then you will have no choice but to go to "Settings" and prevent these applications accessing your data. After that, you probably can not use some applications, but it is like that.

How does it help you? At least you know that big companies like Google or Facebook cannot obtain information about your location, what you do and the kind of pizza you like.

Which enable these features? Go to "Settings" -> "Privacy".

Top Free Best Backlinks Checker Tools to Check your Website Backlinks

Even the Google Page  PR Exists are Not Backlinks is one of the Ultimate Factor to rank your Website So more of the Blogger are searching daily to check other website Backlinks becuase Google Loves Relevancy Quality of Links the More no of links you have the more strength of website    In terms of SEO, the importance of backlinks is no longer in doubt. When you set up a strategy netlinking, analysis of inbound links can be required. To achieve this, there are many SEO tools that allow you to retrieve various data around these backlinks. Here is a list, probably not exhaustive, 7 tools that can help you with your strategy netlinking. It only remains for you to choose the tool that best suits your needs.

Google Webmaster Tools

If you are a website owner or if you have access to Google Webmaster Tools, it will allow you to simply check all your backlinks. To do this, simply go to the menu " Your site on the web "and" Links to your site ". Google Webmaster Tools will then show you the areas that make an inbound link to your site. By clicking on each area, you can see the total number of links and the number of Linked pages.

This tool is useful for checking the pages that have backlinks and check the quality of referrals. However, there are two major drawbacks: it is not possible to see the links and anchors must have access to view this information.


Aherfs offers various analysis, backlinks. You will be able to check the inbound links to a given URL, for a domain or a domain and its subdomains. Once the analysis is launched, you will see the URLs that link to your site, the page linked, the anchor used and whether this link is nofollow.

The major drawback is the limit imposed by the free version: 5 requests per day to see only 5 backlinks. If you have registered for free, you will be entitled to 15 requests per day, so you can see the first 500 incoming links. Against by information on these backlinks will be limited to the first 5 links.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides two modes to check your backlinks "Historic Index" or "Fresh Index". The first allows you to recover all the data, while the second shows the data for the last 30 days. Once the analysis begins, you may choose to scan the page, the domain or sub-domain only. This tool will give you the number of referring domains and the total number of backlinks. If you use the free registration, you can also see the number of incoming links nofollow and the number of backlinks that was removed. You will also have access to a list of 5 incoming links with their anchor link and linkée URL.

Majestic SEO is a very good tool, but it is quite limited in its free version. It lets you recover very general information, but reliable. By cons, if you want to analyze in detail the various inbound links, you will need to use a second tool.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer has a very simple interface that let you choose between a site analysis or comparison between several sites. If you choose the first method of analysis, this tool will allow you to check the total number of pages and domains that link to your site. It also gives you the opportunity to see the anchor link, the authority of the page and the domain name for the first 5 backlinks.

The free version of the tool is quite limited, it will only allow you to collect aggregate data. More, but that is only my opinion, I often see a big difference between Open Site Explorer and other tools in the number of incoming links. So this is not my preferred tool for analyzing backlinks.


RankSignals is a Free Backlink Checker Tool Rank Signals is a powerful SEO & Internet Marketing tool to monitor backlinks for Free When we compared to Aherfs it is some of Worthy because we have to pay for this Month but For Ranksignal is a Free of Cost to check all Backlinks for your website For Begineers , SEO Excerpts Use This Ranksignals Daily

Rank Signals Uncover SEO backlinks & traffic sources of your competitors .Personally If you want to your other website Backlinks then Go for It.

Backlink Watch

This further analysis tool backlinks are perhaps a little more interesting when you want to stay free. Backlink Watch allows you to retrieve a list of 1,000 inbound links, their anchor, the number of outgoing links on these pages and if your backlink is nofollow.

Backlink Watch is a very useful tool if your site does not have more than 1000 backlinks. The disadvantage is that it is no longer possible to refer directly to the Page Rank of the page from the tool.

Analyze Backlinks

Backlinks analysis is another free tool to check your incoming links. It gives you the ability to filter the backlinks to display a link or domain only links from a home page. It also lets you choose whether or not you want to recover the anchor link, the total number of links and the total number of outbound links on the page.

The major drawback of this tool is its slow if you want to display all the information. In addition, it will not show you a comprehensive list of backlinks. If you use it, it may be better to pair it with another tool to compare the results.

JNTU Ananthapur 1st Year R13 B.Tech|B.Pharmacy Results June 2014

Good News Most Awaited JNTU Ananthapur R13 B.Tech 1st Year Results and B.Pharmacy R13 1st Year Results are Released So For Those Students Who are Waiting for the R13 1st year Results you can Check your Results Here

JNTU Ananthapur 1st Year R13 B.Tech Results June 2014 - See Offical Notification
JNTU Ananthapur 1st Year R13 B.Pharmacy Results June 2014 - See Offical Notification 
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JNTU A 1st Year R13 B.Pharmacy Results
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Nexus 9 Preorder Starts From Google Play Store - Nexus 9 Buy Online

Google Nexus 9 Tablet Preorder starts from Google Play store . Nexus 9 is the new tablet from Google. Powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop, Nexus 9 is for work and play, with its just-right 8.9-inch screen and front-facing stereo speakers. So Those are Waiting to Buy Nexus 9 you  can Place your order From Google Play Store and the Device can Available Nexus 9 16 GB, Wi-Fi, Indigo Black at a Price of 330$  & Nexus 9 32 GB, Wi-Fi, Indigo Black and also Google Play Store is Offering  LTE Version also . For Indian Users Google Nexus 9 Price is available at Rs,28,900 only .Google Nexus will attract all the Ipad Lovers also becuase Nexus 9 is Prepared with Latest Android operating System and also with Powerful Specifications
Nexus Price and Review

Nexus 9 16 GB, Wi-Fi, Indigo Black - Pre Order or Buy Now
Nexus 9 16 GB, Wi-Fi, Indigo Black -  Pre Order or Buy Now
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Google Nexus 9 Tablet Full Specification

Designed for life
Carefully crafted
Nexus 9 delights with clean lines, a brushed metal body, soft grip back and unique colours.
The just-right screen
Sound that surrounds
Front-facing stereo speakers with HTC’s BoomSound™ make sound immersive, layered and distortion-free.
Work and play however you like
With the Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio (sold separately) you can get stuff done, at home, at the office and on the go. You and Nexus 9 become a little more powerful.

Powered by Android

Tab juggling made easy
Be your own media hub
Nexus 9 joins your family of Android devices, so whichever one you’re on, your music and your movies can be immediately enjoyed across all of your Android devices.

Best of Google

Android updates, straight from the source
With Nexus 9, you’re the first to receive the latest Android updates from Google.¹ It means that you’ll have the newest version of Android so you can enjoy the latest features and enhancements.
With over 1 million apps and games to choose from on Google Play, there’s something for everyone. Find the most popular free and paid apps, explore hand-picked collections, browse by category or simply search.
Made for getting stuff done
All your favourite Google apps work together seamlessly across all your devices –desktop and mobile. Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides are available and seamlessly integrated.

Nexus 9 Full Review Coming Soon 

How to Run Android Apps on Google Chrome (PC, Mac and Linux) Easily Step by Step

Historically it has been attempted to run Android apps on your computer: virtual environments, operating systems tailored programs ... but none seemed to operate as is due to Android apps, not until now.
However, the solution can be reached with Archon: an extension for Google Chrome that with a few simple steps, allowing us to run almost any Android application on your computer without complications or multiple stories. The Free Android And we tell how easily and without hassle.

Step 1: Download and install our version of Archon

Installing Archon edit
First of all, let us with our version of Archon, and for this we will need to access the project repository on GitHub. You can access it from Here , and you'll need to look at the description of each to see which is best for your operating system (if it fails, try another version). In my case, I use Windows 8.1 and Chrome 37, and it is the system that made ​​you can see the screenshots that illustrate the entire article.

Once you have it on your hard drive, the next thing you do is unzip the .zip file with your favorite program, open chrome: // extensions  in a new tab and drag the folder to the Chrome window to install unpacked extension. Yes, activad developer mode before you can do it .

Step 2: Check that Everything works properly

The next thing to do is start installing applications , and we have a test available to check that everything works as expected . We just have to download this file, install it as we have done with the extension, ignoring all warnings Chrome and click on run.
Testing Android Apps Chrome
If you have done well should appear as in the catch have leading this section, and in that case and will be ready to run any Android app in Chrome.

Step 3: Install our Applications

As you can see,  Archon does not use conventional .apk, but needs a little change of format to be compatible with the extensions . We can do this ourselves, but we can also take advantage of the community has been interested in the project and go to / r / chromeapks on Reddit for us with the applications you want.

Angry Birds Windows Android
I tried both Instagram and Angry Birds, and both work perfectly. Not all applications work perfectly: some will fail or need some trick more to run (earnestly inform before testing), but overall very good results. An enviable fluency and all aspects of the applications running smoothly, in short, removing exceptions.

One step closer to unification

Make it possible to move apps from Android to Chrome with a significantly smaller effort is a great sign. Unification between desktop and mobile may be located much closer than we think, which would be great news for all Hopefully Google see this types of projects and put about batteries , may be the final push lacks Android to take off at all.